Friday, November 9, 2012

Provision and Complaining

I'm continuing in my reading through the Bible chronologically in a year routine. I've never done anything like this. It's such a good discipline for me because I never know what to read in the Bible, so I end up not reading. This is making me read it because I have a schedule I follow.

Anyway, today I read in Numbers about how God had been providing the people with Manna as they wandered in the wilderness. They were getting pretty tired of eating just manna day in and day they complained. They said, "We wish we had never left Egypt where we had meat." It seems that their complaints in the middle of His provision of Manna made God pretty angry, because when He told them He'd give them meat, He told them He'd give them so much that it would come out their nostrils and they'd loathe it!

When He gave them the meat, though, He was still so angry that He sent a plague among them and lots of people died. Because of what happened there, they called that place 'Kibroth Hattaavah,' which literally means 'graves of craving.'

That hit me when I read it. Apparently, God really cares about us acknowledging His help and provision. The people acted like God wasn't caring well for them when He had been providing just what they needed, every day. And that made Him pretty angry.

I guess it just makes me often I act like my life is going down the drain. I act like no one is providing for me and I'm all alone. Just like the people of Israel. When, in fact, I have God Himself providing exactly what I need, every day.

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